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Post  EwokWizard on Thu 18 Aug 2011, 2:55 pm

Are the Ewok's Soul Trees a different kind of tree than the rest of the forest or is the forest composed of all the soul trees of the Ewoks for generations?

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Post  Chukha-Trok76 on Sat 20 Aug 2011, 11:16 pm

Good question. as I remember, an Ewok's soul tree is a special tree planted for an individual Ewok on the day of his or her birth. The seedling and wokling grow together, and Ewoks hold their soul trees to be very special. Ewoks believe that all of life comes from the forest and the trees, therefore the Lifetrees of Endor, especially the Ewoks' Soul Trees are sacred. When they die, Ewok's relatives tie the departed's hood to that individual's soul tree.

"Once you destroy an Ewoks' Soul Tree, you destroy his will to live!"- Murgoob the Cranky, "Wicket's Wagon"

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