FREE R2-D2 jump / flash USB driver at TRU (this week only!)

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FREE R2-D2 jump / flash USB driver at TRU (this week only!)

Post  darth_sidious on Thu 15 Sep 2011, 9:24 pm

I stopped by TRU today, and they had several CW Assassin Droid BPs and they were 10% off. I also picked up a CW Blackout figure, which was 30% off. They had a ton of both - no new CW waves though. Sad I also purchased a regular CW figure as a gift, which put me over $30 so I got a free R2-D2 jump / flash drive. It looks like a CW figure, but you pop the dome off and its a 2 gig jump drive - very cool. The great part is that the drive is the same size as a realistic figure. The sales and R2-D2 promo both end Saturday I believe, so run out and get one!

The reason I mention this here is because the R2-D2 looks like a cross between a Droids animated figure and a CW figure, check it out next to a movie R2-D2:


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