Favourite figures from The Clone Wars

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Favourite figures from The Clone Wars

Post  James on Tue 06 Nov 2012, 11:51 am

I took out my box of Clone Wars figures this morning, and in looking over them, some of them aren't that great, but others are really pretty nice. I don't have a ton of Clone Wars figures, but out of the ones that I do have, my top 5 favourites are:

1. Plo Koon in snow gear

One of my favourite aliens from the prequels dressed like he went to Hoth, one of my favourite locations in the original trilogy. Good design and articulation. He could fit in well with the new realistic styled figures from The Clone Wars.

2. C-3PO

The best articulated C-3PO ever and the closest thing we have to a modern version of C-3PO from the Droids series. I really like the neck articulation and the light up eyes on this one.

3. Embo

Great design, articulation, and it's always nice to see a new alien species that looks like it could have belonged in the original trilogy.

4. 4A-7

I've always liked the vintage Death Star Droid and his appearance in the sandcrawler in the original movie. The design for this guy doesn't completely match the the Episode IV character, but his articulation totally beats out the build a droid version.

5. El-Les

The thing I like most about El-Les is that he looks like he could have been a background alien or character from a never released episode of Droids. With his design and his colour scheme, he could fit in well with a modern Droids collection if we ever get one.

Now, who are your favourite Clone Wars figures? Which ones are are waste of plastic? Share your thoughts here!

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