SDCC 2013: The Good, The Bad and the Eh.

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SDCC 2013: The Good, The Bad and the Eh.

Post  Chukha-Trok76 on Sun 21 Jul 2013, 2:21 am

Okay, so by now hopefully we've all seen the images and stories of upcoming Star Wars collectibles from San Diego Comic Con 2013. That being so, what are everyone's feelings and thoughts toward the revealed products. Here are my impressions

HASBRO: The Black Series looks interesting. I'm curious as to whether the finalized in store products will compel me to buy the action figures. I don't really collect much lately outside of Droids and Ewoks, but I'd buy the R2-D2 and the See Threepio in the Black Series. Han and Chewie are interesting too, but Chewies face looks really off, like the old Marvel comic one. Maybe if they'd sculpted his fur more, uh, furry looking or disheveled. Or painted his nose black. I dunno.

Of course I'll be buying the Ewok Catapult in November. $20.00 is not a bad price IMHO for a new catapult and two Ewoks, albeit simply kit-bashed repaints. They were going to include Brethupp and either Wunka or Tokkat, but of course, they pulled them for reasons unknown. Maybe the folks at Lucasfilm told them that those Ewoks lived 150 years AFTER Return of the Jedi. Rolling Eyes  When oh when will they release Chukha-Trok??!! Mad Evil or Very Mad  Okay. I'm fine now. Sorry about the rant.

The droid factory sets should appeal to collectors. Folks have been interested in those.

Saga Legends and Mission sets.. Eh. Looks like re-hashes of old figures to me. Borrriiinnng.

Angry Birds...NOT for me. Ever. scratch  I know of no adult collectors who collect it except maybe for their kids, which is fine. But it really seems like Hasbro has been pushing Star Wars Angry Birds almost aggressively and exclusively. I really don't like that. But maybe I'm just showing my age as a collector. But they certainly pushed Angry Birds at Comic Con. Rolling Eyes Mad 

The animated Boba Fett head bobber looked cool, and the Boba Fett Sideshow sculpture looks amazing, as does almost all of Sideshow's sculptures. But their price point is outside of my galaxy of affordability. Sad

Other than that, I'd bet a good majority of collectors might find this years SDCC Star Wars product reveal to be a little...unimpressive. But, Celebration Europe is fast approaching, and Hasbro said they'll likely reveal more new stuff there, so maybe...A New Hope? Yoda

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