Sticker album (YU, 1990) and book (DE, 1987)

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Sticker album (YU, 1990) and book (DE, 1987) Empty Sticker album (YU, 1990) and book (DE, 1987)

Post  Ewok Poet on Thu 07 Aug 2014, 12:33 pm

Got these two for my modest collection today.

Sticker album (YU, 1990) and book (DE, 1987) Hccj0H

The sticker album is the one I had as a child and, unlike mine, it's full. It was produced in my country, while it was still a part of Yugoslavia, in 1990.

The album contains ten out of thirteen episodes from the first season - To Save Deej, Sunstar vs. Shadowstone and The Curse of the Jindas are missing.

The album appears to have been translated from Spanish, as e.g. Grass Trekkers are called "picaherbas" and my guess is that the translators didn't even watch the cartoon, as they clearly had no idea what they were doing.

Naming is not consistent with the dub of the animated series, which was done in Sarajevo, BiH; which creates additional confusion. They outright state that Umwak is called Shaman.

Some key elements of stories are missing: e.g. that Malani was the one who found Nahki, that the gang masked themselves as Jindas to save Latara (they jump to the seeds immediately), that three of the characters sneaked out when not allowed to go to the Tree of Light and that Kneesaa needed to think of a way to pull the root out. They did not mention where the Makants came from and what role they played, they claim that Kaink was dead and buried under the battle's a big mess, but it's a wonderful memory of childhood to me.

All stickers' sizes are identical. Makes me wonder if the Panini album I've seen on eBay is any different, I assume that it is...?!

Sticker album (YU, 1990) and book (DE, 1987) XCTsdN

The German book, from what I've seen, is accurate in terms of stories and contains big photos. The episodes are in wrong order, though.

Sticker album (YU, 1990) and book (DE, 1987) CaI9Vz
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