Unidentified droids from Droids

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Unidentified droids from Droids

Post  James on Wed 09 Sep 2009, 10:07 pm

After working on BUN-Dingo's entry for the characters section today, it reminded me again of just how many droid models that appeared in Droids still remain unidentified to this day. For instance,

Wookieepedia categorizes him as an assassin droid, but that's it. What exactly is his model? What company was his manufacturer? We don't know.

One more example out of the many is this little guy:

Spherical Astromech Droid

A spherical astromech droid that stands on only one center leg. Although this droid was actually seen quite a lot in The Great Heep, it was never given a name and we still don't know what the official designation of it's model is.

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Re: Unidentified droids from Droids

Post  darth_sidious on Wed 07 Jul 2010, 1:55 pm

There were many cool droids in the series - its a shame none of them were made in the Kenner line. I think the BAD line would have been a nice place to see some of these in plastic form though. It would be good if they all had names, but I think Lucasfilm ignored the details when it came to the cartoons.

Since we'll likely never see any made, I may make a custom KT-10 one of these days:


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