More EWOKS figures

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More EWOKS figures

Post  Scotty Speed on Wed 13 Oct 2010, 8:15 am

Here are a few more EWOKS customs; Bondo, Chituhr, and Chief Chirpa. All figures are in 3 3/4" scale and are comparable in size to their prototype versions. All are made from Super Sculpey and Apoxie Sculpt. Chituhr has a huge whip made from Apoxie and all of it didn't quite make it into the picture. I had to sculpt a few rocks for Chituhr to stand on in order to get him to stand up. I put a little piece of lichen on the rocks to finish it off. I had a blast making Bondo. He's just a happy fat little guy. I used pictures from the older version of the STAR WARS Encyclopedia as reference.

Comments and criticisms are welcome.

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