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Post  James on Tue 11 Aug 2009, 8:31 pm

I'm a fan of the concept art figures, so here is my concept figure wish list that was originally published on the original Droids & Ewoks forums back in early 2008.

1. Clone Warrior
Figure wish lists Clone_Warrior
This was actually going to be a figure in the vintage line before it came to an end in the mid '80's. This character is a Kenner creation, and to my knowledge, does not exist anywhere else in the EU. Still, it's a cool concept and probably one of the earliest, if not the earliest, concept sketches of a Clone Trooper.
Please see The Star Wars Collectors Archive for more details on the Clone Warrior.

Here's Hasbro's reply to an April 26, 2008 question about the Clone Warrior:
Rebelscum: When and if you make more figures based on concept art, would you consider any of the concepts that were scrapped when the vintage Kenner line came to an end? Probably one of the most interesting concepts that they came up with was the "Clone Warrior" (seen at, which is to my knowledge, one of the earliest Clone Trooper concepts. Not only is he a Clone Trooper from way back in 1985, he has a pretty cool look too!

Hasbro: That is a great figure. Right now we have been focused on the concept figures generated for the movies that fans have some familiarity with from published sources, but that's a good one to talk to Lucasfilm about for a possibility some day. Thanks for the link.

2. Lando Calrissian
Figure wish lists Landoconcept
There is certainly more than one concept Lando sketch out there, but this one is my favorite. I don't know who drew this picture of Lando, but it's the one that is shown in the behind the scenes section in Lando's entry in the databank at I like his riverboat gambler inspired look!

3. Princess Leia
Figure wish lists Bts_bg-1
I think this is an early sketch by McQuarrie. Certainly looks like '70's inspired hair!

4. Han Solo
Figure wish lists Bts_bg
This would be kind of an interesting variant off of your basic Han Solo figure. For people with an imagination, this could even work as a post ROTJ Han.

5. Qui-Gon Jinn
Figure wish lists Bts_bg-2
Here's a nice take on Qui-Gon Jinn. I don't know if there is anything showing what his whole outfit would look like, but it looks to be standard Jedi clothes.

6. Emperor Palpatine
Figure wish lists Bts_bg-3
Here's the famous alien Emperor painting by Ralph McQuarrie.

7. Yoda
Figure wish lists Bts_bg-4
There were a lot of different designs for Yoda, but this is one of the better known ones. I think this is also a McQuarrie sketch.

8. Count Dooku
Figure wish lists Bts_bg-5
The movie Count Dooku sure didn't look anything like this! He almost looks like a male Ventress.

9. Zam Wesell (Corporate Alliance Trooper)
Figure wish lists Bts_bg-6
This is a pretty sharp bounty hunter or trooper look.

10. Luke Skywalker (Jedi Robes)
Figure wish lists Luke-in-robes
Even though this isn't a sketch, I just had to add this one. Hey, he's a sculpt, so that's concept art isn't it? This is a Jedi Luke figure that never saw production back in the days of the vintage line. Acording to, this sculpt actually pre-dates the original Luke Jedi Knight figure from 1983, and was planned as a Revenge of the Jedi character. I'm sure EU fans would love to have a Luke in Jedi robes figure, but I wouldn't mind having just a completed version of this figure. It could make a great convention exclusive, on a vintage style cardback.
For more info, please see The Star Wars Collectors Archive.

11. Sandtrooper I
Figure wish lists Conceptsandtrooper
Here's another McQuarrie concept. For those familiar with the already released concept Stormtrooper, it's easy to spot the differences in this Sandtrooper. Even if you can't, that Stormtrooper needs an articulation upgrade anyway!

12. Sandtrooper II
Figure wish lists SandtrooperII
This is another McQuarrie concept Sandtrooper. There are even more noticable differences between this one and the original concept Stormtrooper, and even quite a few differences from the Sandtrooper posted above. And take note of that owl guy in front. Wouldn't he be the best Star Wars figure of all time?

13. Rebel Pilot
Figure wish lists ConceptRebelPilot
This Rebel Pilot concept is also by McQuarrie. With good articulation and a removable helmet, this could make a really nice figure.

14. Cantina Gunslingers
Figure wish lists Cantinagunslingersconcept
Is this supposed to be Han Solo and Greedo in this McQuarrie piece? I'm sure they are both long shots to ever be made as figures, but I'm including them anyway.

15. Han Solo (Echo Base)
Figure wish lists Bactatankconcept
I think that's Han on the bunk in that picture. If so, this could be a chance to give the man of very few outfits a brand new (actually old) look! Besides, you can never have too many Han's. This picture also shows a Leia concept that would make a good addition to the small number of ESB concept figures that we have to date.

16. Darth Vader
Figure wish lists Vader-stormtroopersm
A concept Darth Vader figure was already made in 2007, but this Darth Vader in Stormtrooper armor concept would probably sell like hotcakes if it was made into a figure!

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Figure wish lists Empty Re: Figure wish lists

Post  David on Tue 08 Sep 2009, 5:56 pm

Hmm. I would say my top ten list of most wanted figures at the moment looks something like this:

1. Ackmena
2. Gella Twins
3. Lee Phenets
4. Princess Leia - Hoth (resculpt)
5. Zam Wessell (resculpt)
6. Admiral Ackbar (resculpt)
7. Plunk Droid
8. Barriss Offee (resculpt)
9. Padme Amidala - Funeral
10. Tonnika Sisters

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Figure wish lists Empty Re: Figure wish lists

Post  James on Fri 10 Aug 2012, 6:36 pm

These days I've toned back my collecting quite a bit, due to cost and the fact that I have so many figures already. That being said, if any of the concept figures that I posted above ever get made, I don't think I would be able to resist buying them! But since this site is Droids and Ewoks, I'm going to list my most wanted from both series. First, here's my favourites from Droids. I'll list Ewoks later.


Figure wish lists 8411028
A Droids colored C-3PO seems long overdue (at least to me). I would like it to be in animated style, or be a repaint of the Clone Wars figure, but I'd be happy with a realistic one as well.

Figure wish lists 2932069
Same deal for R2. We need the stars of Droids!

Proto One
Figure wish lists 1250462
A neat looking droid who has never been made into a figure. Hasbro told us before that they like him and think he could be a possibility for a droid factory character. Hopefully this happens.

Thall Joben
Figure wish lists 7433313
One of the droids masters. Not a Jedi but has a lightsaber!

Kea Moll
Figure wish lists 2523168
Kea wore two different outfits during the series. I would be happy with either one.

Jann Tosh
Figure wish lists 3327839
Another of the Droids masters.

Mungo Baobab
Figure wish lists 564218
The Droids final master in the series.

TIE Fighter Pilot
Figure wish lists 1245913
From the final issue of the Droids comic series. He just looks cool!

Pirate Droid
Figure wish lists 4505983_orig
Can be seen in the background in the TV series, but is seen in action in the book adaptation. Like the TIE Fighter Pilot, he looks cool!

Figure wish lists 1349959
Four armed cook who was briefly master to the droids

There's my top 10. Lots of honourable mentions that I could have made, but I think those are enough to keep Hasbro busy for a while!

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Figure wish lists Empty Re: Figure wish lists

Post  Chukha-Trok76 on Sun 12 Aug 2012, 2:52 am

I would like them to make:

1. Deej Warrick with white Wings of Hope, hunting dagger, and battle horn
2. Weechee Warrick with Red Wings of Courage, spear, and dagger
Both of these could also come with "alternate cartoon" hoods!
3. Shodu Warrick with baby Winda in a attachable "papoose case" and Ewok utensils, maybe a bowl or something...
4. Chukha-Trok with his axe, breastplate, and jawbone necklace with removable fang
5. Rabin the Beast Tamer with whatever his weapon is and a small critter like a munyip or something.
6. A DULOK! They could do this like the Duloks Joe Johnston drew for "The Adventures of Teebo!"
7. Head Elder Kazak with his "whatever-it-is-Kazak-carries"
8. Any of the main Droids characters, 3-PO, R-2, Mungo, Jessica, Jan, Jord, Thall, Uncle Gundy...Yorbo. LOL.

What about new vehicles like the "White Witch" or a new Ewok Battle Wagon with "Ghost of Erpham Warrick" figure? OH! What about a "Mothers Day" set with Shodu,Zephee, Malani, Winda and Wiley?

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Figure wish lists Empty Re: Figure wish lists

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