Too much Clone Wars?

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Too much Clone Wars? Empty Too much Clone Wars?

Post  Chukha-Trok76 on Mon 02 May 2011, 1:19 am

*Sighs* I know, I'm old. I remember the good ol' days before "The Clone Wars", both the movies and the television series. I come from the old skool days of Star Wars action figures and just general Star Wars collectibles. I was perusing our local Wal-Mart here in Winfield KS today, and I noticed something quite unsettling. ALL the Star Wars toys are CLONE WARS!! They are! Everything nowadays is "Clone Wars." No "Vintage Collection." No "Saga Greatst Hits." No "Legends." No. Just...Clone Wars.

Now, far be it from me to knock the Clone Wars Generation or whatever. I'm thrilled kiddies are being introduced to the Galaxy Far Far Away. But has anyone else noticed the genuine lack of, oh, I don't know, LUKE SKYWALKER? Or how about old man VADER? Where's my R-2? 3-PO? Chewie, Han? LEIA?? Gone. That's where. Gone. Now, I know Clone Wars is "hip" or "cool", or whatever terms you younger padawans are using these days, but quite frankly, the style of animation...irks me. I don't know, it just looks too blocky or non-fluid or...something. And with all the great characters, with all the different species, and Jedi and all, in the figure lineup you get:

Anakin...again. Same style. Same mold. Same figure.
Obi-Wan. Again.
Ashoka. Again.
"Cad Bane". Again.

Really Hasbro? Why? And far, far, far too many Clones. Except for the stripes and dots on their helmets, they're the same figure! I know, I know, there's Rex and Lex and Dick and Jane and who all else, but it's the same style! Just...Order 66 this. Sad Please. Bring back the REAL Star Wars, or at least Classic. And the new Darth Maul packaging can go the way Maul did in the movie as well.

Sorry for the old man rant. One day 34 you will be too. Look as good you will not, hmmm? Happy Ewok

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Too much Clone Wars? Empty Re: Too much Clone Wars?

Post  darth_sidious on Mon 02 May 2011, 4:19 pm

I agree, not only too much product for the CW series, but tons of repacks and repaints. I've decided to just start skipping items and only buying what I really like. Theres just too much all together, Hasbro is clearly trying to get the most out of the line before the CW series ends - so this is going to last at least for another 3 years probably.

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