Essential Guide to Droids 3rd edition?

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Essential Guide to Droids 3rd edition?

Post  James on Thu 09 Sep 2010, 10:51 am

Since there is a 3rd edition of the Essential Guide to Characters in the works, I'm wondering what the chances are of getting a 3rd edition of the Essential Guide to Droids in the next few years? I'm hoping that there will be one. Many of the droids from the Droids series and comics were not included in previous editions, and I would really like to see many of the still unnamed models finally get a designation, especially all the various types of astromechs that appeared in The Great Heep. Daniel Wallace seems to like the obscure, so I would definitely be encouraging him to look over this site to make sure he doesn't forget about the droids from Droids! There have been several new droids that have appeared in The Clone Wars as well since the last guide was published, so hopefully LucasBooks sees the need for an update.

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